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    I love Fit, Fab, and Lean, because she celebrates every accomplishment. For some of us just walking three miles is a huge accomplishment and Valerie cheers as if you just completed a marathon.

What is Fit, Fab & Lean and virtual races

Welcome to our Fit, Fab, And Lean® website! We are the Leaders in Virtual Races!

  • What IS a Virtual Race? It’s a race that is run in the location of your choice…indoors on a treadmill OR outdoors anywhere! You can walk it; run it; or complete the miles by walking AND running. You can split the miles up over days OR complete the miles all at the same time. It’s your choice!
  • The objective is just to get moving! Our virtual running community will cheer you on towards the finish line AND you will receive gorgeous medals upon completion of your races! It’s a great way to stay motivated on your fitness journey!

Tell Me How You’d Run A Race & I’ll Tell You How You’d Run Your Business


This morning as I was jogging home on my 3 mile run, it began to rain.  As I was being showered head to toe, a thought struck me and I realized that so many of the experiences I have had while running miles have a striking similarity to the experiences I have had while running my home based business.

To be successful in either, here are 3 questions to ponder:

Do You Give It Your “All”?

There have been times when the rain had started mid-run and Read More